The Greenpoint Recording Collective is a group of four engineers and producers, Tommy Cormier, Jim Heffernan, Nate Jasensky, and William Smith IV.  Founded in 2003 and born out of the Northside Brooklyn music scene, they are a diverse collective of passionate music professionals.


Jim Heffernan

Jim Heffernan began playing guitar and cello at the age of 8. Since then, his life has been split between writing music, recording, and producing bands of all genres. Starting in Syracuse, NY in the late 90's, Jim began his touring career on several US tours with Spark Lights the Friction and signing with Trustkill Records in 2001. Jim moved to New York City in 2003 and began working at the post production house Face the Music while starting his own record label and studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Between touring with several bands, playing drums, guitar and bass for other projects in the city and on the road, Jim began pursuing licensing work for television and film and has licensed music to such clients as Clarins, Garden & Gun, Walmart, and Popular Mechanics. He composed the music for the off Broadway musical "Dorian" and wrote the songs and sound design for the Madonna bio pic "Physical Attraction". Comfortable in rock, hip hop, electronic, and metal, Jim has over 15 years of experience recording and producing records. You can hear music at and

Nate Jasensky

Engineer, guitarist, and general multi-instrumentalist, Nate has been recording music since he was 13 in his parent's garage, and holds degrees in music performance and composition. Has been featured as a performer/composer at the SUNDANCE Film Festival, and has toured with his music internationally.

William Smith IV

William is a producer, mixer, writer and multi-instrumentalist who has spent the last decade developing artists and producing records. His modern production techniques allow him to work with a broad range of artists. The artists William has worked with have combined streams in the 10s of millions.  


Tommy Cormier

Tommy is a multifaceted music and audio professional; producing, engineering, and writing music for over 13 years. He has been the Recording Engineer for Viva Radio and is the Head of Audio Production at East Village Radio. Tommy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Focus in Music Production).

Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to produce work with local and nationally/internationally beloved artist such as: 

Philip Selway of Radiohead (East Village Radio), Andy Roark of The Smiths (East Village Radio), The Darkness (East Village Radio), Jesse Malin, (East Village Radio), Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy's Law (East Village Radio), Atlantic Tunnel (East Village Radio), Peer Pressure (East Village Radio), Pizza Party (East Village Radio), Cheap Shots (East Village Radio)

Live in Studio: 
Courtney Barnett, Maya Vik, Cloud Control, Craft Spells, Protomartyr, Broncho, The Griswolds, Luke Rathborne, Kirin J Callinan, Jaun Wauters, Holy Sons

Local Clients: Dakota Jones, Wild Pink, Johnny Darlin, Tristan Carter-Jones, Plight, The Naturals, Edward Rogers, Steve Butler, Sal Maida, Dennis Diken, Don Piper, Hudson Krakowski, Footfalls, Spring Brooks, Summer Malia

Tommy also plays and records with American Darlings and Golden Alphabet

To contact Tommy, please reach out at